Ten Life Tips

Our first ever book, written by the Founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Ms Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima.

The book includes many of the life skills taught to learners at the Ndjuluwa97 Academy by Ms Helvi and other tutors.

You can download the entire book, free of charge, in PDF format.
Or you can read each of the Ten Tips online by following the links below.

Download the eBook version of 10 Life Tips



The Ten Life Tips:

1. How to discover your talent, passion and how to monetize it

2. How to manage money

3. How to interact on social networks and events.

4. How to discover yourself.

5. Importance of self-respect and towards other people.

6. Being different from the crowd

7. How to delay gratification 

8. Emotional Intelligence

9. How to handle failure

10. How to set realistic and achievable goals.

Price for the paperback version is N$125 ONLY!!!!
Contact 081 339 3903 to order yours.

Ndjuluwa97 Academy learners with copies of Ms Helvi Shinedima's book "10 Life Tips"
Ndjuluwa97 Academy learners with copies of Ms Helvi Shinedima’s book “Ten Life Tips”