Ndjuluwa97 Academy provides extra classes, tutoring and homework assistance to young learners in Windhoek.

Afternoon classes include extra lessons, subject assistance and private tutoring.

Free computer classes, sports and after care are included, as well as extra assistance for all after school registered learners.

The Academy is committed to learners’ personal development and offers Self-Development Training as an additional four-week course.

The academy further prepares learners for their national examinations and facilitates the application process to higher education learning institutions. 

We also organise museum and university tours, plus other extra mural activities for our young learners.

Extra classes and homework assistance at Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek

Young learners at the Ndjuluwa97 Academy attend a range of schools in Windhoek, including: Concordia College, David Bezuidenhout Secondary School, Eldorado Secondary School, Progress Private School, Cosmos High School, Windhoek Technical High School, Orban Primary School, Sunshine Private School, St Andrew’s Primary School, Van Rhyn Primary School, Tobias Hainyeko Primary School, MH Greef Primary School, Gammams Primary School, Hermann Gmeiner Primary School, Faith Primary School, Khomas High School, Abraham Iyambo Primary School, Moses IIGaroeb Primary School, Jacob Marengo Secondary School, Khomastura High School as well as Acacia High School.

Happy young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek
Happy young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek

Subjects we teach

Ndjuluwa97 Academy provides classes in a wide range of academic subjects for Primary school, High School Junior and Senior grades.
We also teach computer coding classes plus soft skills including emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and career guidance.
We also offer sports: karate, soccer and chess.

Our Tutors

Led by Ms Helvi Shinedima, all our tutors are kind, committed and inspirational. They provide our young learners with specialist subject assistance and private tutoring in the extra afternoon classes, plus homework help.

Tutors at Ndjuluwa97 Academy are passionate about helping young learners to excel
Tutors at Ndjuluwa97 Academy are passionate about helping young learners to excel


We are delighted with the positive feedback we get from parents. They tell us that their children are performing better in school and developing life and social skills. And that their kids look forward to attending the afternoon classes.

Testimonials about the successful work of Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek

Helvi Shinedima

Ms Helvi Shinedima is a qualified teacher and the founder of the Academy. She is passionate about helping young learners to achieve their full potential. She is also the author of the book “Ten Life Tips”, which was written especially for young learners.

Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima, founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek

Our Mission is to provide affordable and quality private education for all Namibian learners and students.

Our Vision is to instill critical thinking into young minds and let them question the state of things in their everyday lives, encourage innovation, instill emotional intelligence and guide them to make well informed decisions, and choose the best careers in which their talent and passion lies. 

We work in partnership with universities and sponsors to offer internship opportunities to university students in Namibia.


Ndjuluwa97 Academy in Windhoek is a renowned after-school academy offering extra classes, homework help, private tutoring, subject assistance, extra mural activities, plus sports.

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