Ndjuluwa97 Academy provides Self-Development Training to its learners.

Learners attending the training benefit in various ways:
– Emotional understanding and self-regulation.
– In-depth understanding of finances to help make informed financial decisions.
– Confidence in public speaking and making presentations.
– Good self-knowledge about their talents and ambitions.
– Improved social skills in a range of situations.

The training course is for four weeks, with two training sessions per week.
Week One: Self-Discovery
Week Two: Communication and Public Speaking
Week Three: Financial Literacy
Week Four: Emotional Intelligence

The Academy’s Headmistress, Helvi Shinedima, will lead the training course.

The fee for 8 sessions is N$600.
This includes a copy of Helvi’s book ‘Ten Life Tips’; a certificate of completion; and all materials required.

Contact Helvi Shinedima to register for this Self-Development Training.