Ndjuluwa97 after-school academy was set up by Helvi Shinedima, a qualified teacher who is passionate about empowering young learners.

Ndjuluwa97 Academy recently celebrated its 5th anniversary!

The academy offers tutoring in a wide range of subjects, plus other activities for young learners, to help them to develop emotionally, academically and in their lives.

Extra Lessons and Homework Assistance 
Private tutoring is offered to school learners from grade 1 -12 and to NAMCOL students. After school tutoring and subject assistance is provided in afternoon classes for subjects that individual learners find difficult. Extra classes and tutoring are provided for young learners and we also help them with their homework. 

Instilling the entrepreneurial spirit into our learners by giving practical activities such as collaborating with other entrepreneurial organizations; whereby learners can showcase their business ideas with the aim to create problem solvers in the society and create employment opportunities for other young people.

Internship Program 
The academy further offers internship programs to students and offer jobs to young graduates from different higher learning institutions and also to train future teachers who lack the skills in their profession. And has teamed up with a British Astronomer Dr Rhodri Evans who is currently a senior Physics Lecturer at the University of Namibia, With the free classes he is offering, he wants to see the AMT project to its fruition and to get young Namibians trained so that they can participate in the Square Kilometer Array in the 2020s and 2030s, which will be the largest telescope in the world. The plan is to use astronomy to enthuse learners about the importance of physics and mathematics by sparking their interest at a young age. 

Educational tours 
We organise extra mural activities to help familiarize learners with educational institutions, historical monuments or buildings and any other important National artifact that might be of great benefit to the learners’ current and future knowledge and education. 

Self-Development Training
Learners attending the Self-Development Training benefit in various ways:
– Emotional understanding and self-regulation.
– In-depth understanding of finances to help make informed financial decisions.
– Confidence in public speaking and making presentations.
– Good self-knowledge about their talents and ambitions.
– Improved social skills in a range of situations.

Career Guidance and life skills 
With most learners and students who unsure of what their passions, talents, interest in life are; this is a step by step process whereby learners and students get out of their comfort zones and do things that make them happy, bring out their creativity and make them valuable to themselves and society. The life skills lessons assist in making learners and students comfortable and free to share their thoughts and problems that they might be going through in their lives and provide feedback accordingly. 

Extra-mural activities and Computer Classes
The academy is also passionate in providing free beneficial activities that work on the learners’ physique. Therefore we also train learners Karate, soccer and netball. This sports help learners to be physical fit and provide high energy levels to their studies. The learners also benefit from playing chess and practicing the basics of computer and learning contemporary computer terminologies and skills. All these programs are for the learners’ daily improvement in their educational lives. 

Young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy

Ndjuluwa97 Academy and its founder, Ms Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima, have been featured in many newspapers, magazines and journals, both online and offline.

Young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Young learners at Ndjuluwa97 Academy