Ndjuluwa97 Academy and its founder, Ms Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima, have been featured in many newspapers, magazines and journals, both online and offline.

Here is a small selection of media coverage.

Elivi Shinedima, founder Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Planet Experiences. (read more…)

Woman on Fire: Helvi Shinedima
Monochrome Magazine. (read more…)

Ndjuluwa97 Academy thrives on internships
New Era. (read more…)

Popya with… Elivi Shinedima: A terrible, unhappy journey never stopped her from succeeding
New Era Live. (read more…)

On Gifting: Curiosity, Hope, and Education
Julie Deng on Linked In. (read more…)

Young teacher pleads for better teaching approach
New Era Live. (read more…)

Popya – Ndjuluwa97 offers free soft skills training to learners
New Era Live. (read more…)

Namibia: Young Entrepreneur Pleads for Introduction of Financial Literacy
All Africa. (read more…)

Interview: Elivi Shinedima, fondatrice Ndjuluwa97 Academy
lafriquedusud. (read more…)

Budding coders realise their dream
Windhoek Express. (read more…)

UNAM Internship Opportunity at Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Twitter (read more…)

Ms Helvi Shinedima, founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Ms Helvi Shinedima, founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy

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