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Phone: 081 339 3903
email: ndjuluwa97@gmail.com

Ms Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima is a qualified teacher and the founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy.
She has a Bachelor of Education degree, B.Ed, Education, from the University of Namibia.
She is also the author of the book “Ten Life Tips”, which was written especially for young learners.
Helvi is an enthusiastic and ambitious social entrepreneur who believes strongly in developing young learners academically and emotionally. Learners’ Self-Development is an important part of her work at the Academy

Ndjuluwa97 Academy and its founder, Ms Helvi (Elivi) Shinedima, have been featured in many newspapers, magazines and journals, both online and offline.

And an interview with Helvi is available on YouTube (see link below).

Ms Helvi Shinedima, founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Ms Helvi Shinedima, founder of Ndjuluwa97 Academy
Helvi Shinedima

Watch interview with Helvi Shinedima.

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